It is the year 747 by the Barovian Calendar. Seven years have passed since the Great Upheaval plagued the lands with hordes of nightmarish creatures, then ripped the world apart and reassembled it in an altered fashion. In some of the lands that return, entire landscapes were found to be completely reshaped. Some lands never reappeared at all and have become lost to the world. Since that time, most inhabitants of these realms have become accustomed to the changes that have affected them and, for the most part, have fallen back into whatever semblance of a routine one might expect them to have in their lives. But, as is always the case in this world of uncertainty and frequent tragedy, there is a sense of dread in the air. Winter has come to an end, however, and with the Spring rains and the warmer breezes comes also a faint glimmer of hope and optimism – perhaps even enough for those of brave heart and stout determination to weather the storm that now threatens to crush their spirits and bury their ravaged remains below the blood-stained soil.

The Ravenloft Files: What Comes in the Night

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